Dr. Brooks is delighted to assist you with your needs regarding peer review, IME, post DD-RME, second opinion, second surgical opinion or CCH testimony, all in the field of orthopedic surgery for the Workers' Compensation patient. We pride ourselves in expeditiously turning work around and making sure that you have direct physician contact following any visit or medical record review. It is we that call you, not the other way around!

Additionally, Dr. Brooks provides professional services for medical-legal clients that require case review, expert opinion and/or testimony, controverting affidavits, orthopedic evaluation and second surgical opinion.

To contact Dr. Brooks and set an appointment, call:

Below is a list of services that we can perform for you. Fees available on request.

This office has never let an attorney hang in the air regarding a proceeding if the retainer is not received in time. However, we consider the provision of the services in absentia of the retainer an act of good faith and we expect reciprocation regarding immediate payment of the invoice, in full, within 15 business days in such instances following the performance of services requested.

  • Deposition

    • One hour minimum and then in quarters
    • No charge for pre-deposition conferences less than 20 minutes
  • Trial Appearance

    • No mileage charges within Dallas, Denton and Tarrant Counties
  • Peer Review

    • No charge for adjuster or attorney conferences less than 20 minutes
    • No transcription charge
    • Flat fee up to 1.25 hours
  • RME / IME

    Flat fee with less than 2 years post-injury documentation, fee for every year thereafter.

    Flat fee with less than 16 months documentation

    • No transcription or phone conferences charges
    • No charge for Adjuster conference time
    • All cases are discussed by the doctor with adjuster and/or attorney
    • Cancellation fee if cancelled within 2 business days or less
  • Second Opinion / Second Surgical Opinion

    • Flat fee based on time elapsed from date of injury and type of orthopedic evaluation
    • Adjusters and attorneys are contacted directly by the doctor
    • No transcription fees
    • No charge for conference time less than 20 minutes
  • Medical-Legal Records Review for CCH

    • No brief (less than 20 minutes) attorney conference fee
    • No transcription fees
    • Adjusters and/or attorneys are contacted by the doctor following the record review
  • CCH Testimony

    Litigation/Medical-Legal Records Review

    • 1 hour minimum
    • No brief (20 to 30 minutes) attorney conference or transcription fees

A 50% retainer of the predicted invoice is required to be received prior to the scheduled visit. Should a patient cancellation occur within two (2) business days of the appointment, the retainer may be forfeited and will not be applied to any subsequent visits.